Build a Startup within a Startup

Smarkets is a global technology company making markets more efficient. We are hiring exceptional people to help define, build and launch products and services for our new US venture.
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Fixing Broken Markets

Smarkets is changing the way markets operate, making them more efficient, fair, and valuable. Headquartered in London, Smarkets is one of the most profitable companies per employee in Europe. We are launching a new company in the United States to compete in new markets and we are hiring the core engineering team to discover and develop a new technology solution.

Why Join Smarkets?

Our core values of integrity and fairness set us aside from an industry rife with deception and encourage our employees to be actively involved in all areas of the business.

Love The People You Work With

Everyone here at Smarkets is part of the family, we will always make time to sit down and eat together and lend each other a helping hand when needed.

Enjoy Great Pay and Benefits

Wherever you are in life, the whole you is cared for and we always encourage you to find your own path to greatness.

Join a Core Team

The growing team in Los Angeles needs exceptional engineers to move the new company forward every day.

Pioneering Self-Management
Why would you need a manager to tell you what to do, when you and your team mate are the best qualified to make those decisions? At Smarkets we use a self-management structure where trust is the driving force.

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We are currently hiring these roles in our Downtown LA office: